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Water Slide at the Golden Nugget by (heroicnich)


my anaconda dont want none unless you got buns hun


Skrillex and Dillon Francis | Mothership Tour at Pimlico Race Course 


so a couple of days ago i travelled to zürich to see deadmau5 at zürich openair. we brought our homemade mau5head along and everything. the day was amazing, making so many friends and just being at the festival, but we never expected the next thing to happen: we were waiting front row for deadmau5 to begin, and suddenly he was walking down the front row. we had a little talk, he put on our mau5head and then the batteries fell out lol. sooo joel put it back together himself :) thank you so much for that joel!

unfortunately, the batterypack fell out of the head again during the set so the lights didnt work.. and joel was signing to us about it and i thought that was so nice.

i never ever expected to meet my idol this weekend and im still buzzing about it ahh


 I laughed so hard I cried at the last gif

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